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Some examples of my work and the results I have achieved

Arcane Wonders

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Board gaming is one of my favorite pastimes, so I was ecstatic when Arcane Wonders contacted me. I helped to streamline and reorganize their previous website, as well as rebrand it to be more appealing to a broader audience of gamers.

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Salt Strong

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I provided the technical expertise behind the scenes in building America’s fastest growing website for saltwater fishing enthusiasts. In just over 18 months, we bootstrapped a business that attracted millions of visitors looking for online fishing tips and in-depth information. I also helped create the first online saltwater fishing tournament, which attracted thousands of participants every month and helped cement Salt Strong as the leading brand for saltwater fishing apparel.

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American Sealants, Inc.

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This client’s previous website generated about three leads per YEAR. Their new website gets 3-5 per DAY, and they rank very well in Google for many sealant- and adhesive-related keywords. The company has recently moved to a much larger facility to handle all the new business.

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Beastmaster Rodeo

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I helped the owner of Beastmaster Rodeo take his business online. Previously he was driving around from rodeo to rodeo, selling gear out of the back of his truck. Within weeks of launching his website, he was ranking in the top 3 positions on Google for “rodeo gear,” and he now operates a very successful online business.

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The Great American Spice Company

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I helped move this client from a proprietary e-commerce system to a modern, hosted e-commerce platform, as well as updating them to a more clean and functional design. These changes resulted in 3x more sales, while also saving the client from nearly $100k in custom development work on their old platform.

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The Herb Shoppe PDX

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The Herb Shoppe teaches several classes per week on various natural medicine subjects. Their new website makes it easy to show their class schedule and purchase tickets, which has resulted in most of them selling out. In addition to upgrading their class system, I also built them a new online store that continues to grow every month and has opened up a brand new sales channel separate from their physical retail presence.

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LifeTouch Ministries & Counseling Center

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During the Discovery process with LifeTouch, I uncovered an unusual fact. Counseling company websites aren’t very friendly or personable. Since counseling is a very personal process, I wanted to figure out a way to “humanize” the process. We developed a 5-part email series that website visitors can sign up for, which gently introduces them to the LifeTouch’s methods and personality, without any up-front commitment.

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Polar Leasing

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“How much is this going to cost me?” If you’re renting a walk-in cooler or freezer, that’s the #1 question you have. The client’s previous website didn’t answer this question, which resulted in a lot of wasted time and effort since the sales team had to deal with unqualified buyers who couldn’t afford what they offered. I build a live cost calculator that handled multiple factors, including the customer’s location, and gave them an instant quote. The original intention was to cut down on useless sales calls. Instead, leads tripled, and customers were more qualified, resulting in a double-win and a significant increase in revenue and productivity.

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