About Studio 625

When you launch a business website, you hope for a lot of things:

  • You want it to make you look good.
  • You want people to find you.
  • You want your website visitors to become customers.

Unfortunately, most websites fail at all of the above. They are ugly, difficult to use, hardly anyone looks at them, and they never seem to generate much business.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a website that actually supported your business, generating new customers automatically, 24/7?

The problem is that most web design companies never go beyond the surface-level. They focus on how many pages you get for $x dollars, how many revisions you’re allowed, and what technology platform they use.

Then they move right on to color choices, font choices, layouts, and what stock photography you want on your website.

In the end you get a website that looks good, but it’s completely useless to the people you are hoping to attract. And as a result, no one ever sees it, and it never generates any new business for you.

I think that’s a massive waste of time, money, and opportunity! Every year that you have a sub-optimal website is another year of missed opportunities.

Here’s a simple example showing the opportunity cost of a bad website:
Company A builds a simple website for cheap. It costs $500.
Company B hires a professional to build their website. It costs $10,000 (or more).

Current winner: Company A. They have $9,500+ extra in the bank.

Now fast forward 3 years…

Company A gets a few leads per year. Lets say 10 total over the course of 3 years.
Company B gets a few leads per DAY. So, on the low side, lets say 600.

Now which company is ahead? Company A saved $9,500 upfront, but has missed out on 590 potential customers.

Note: this exact scenario happened with one of my clients. They were getting 2-3 leads per year, and their new website generates 2-3 leads per DAY. And their customers can be worth many thousands of dollars each.

My Story

About Us 1
Chris Fletcher | Founder & Web Designer

I graduated in ’07 with a degree in digital media, and started my first agency job on the following Monday. Everything was going well until the economy fell flat on its face. In ’09 I got laid off. I was devastated. This wasn’t supposed to happen, especially to ME! I graduated at the top of my class (2nd in high school, 1st in college). How was it possible that I was the first to get laid off??

So, I started my business (Studio 625) while collecting unemployment. I was applying to jobs as well, but figured I might as well throw my portfolio online and see if I could land any clients.

I had no idea what I was doing. I mean, I knew how to build a website, but I had no idea how to find customers and get them to pay me money. At one point I literally broke down sobbing on the phone with my old boss, because I was so scared and uncertain about the future. He did everything he could to help me, which I am forever grateful for!

I had to learn, and FAST. It was trial by fire. Taking the leap of faith. Hustling for the next job. Reading every book I could get my hands on for sales & marketing, while simultaneously teaching myself how to build websites in WordPress!

Eventually I figured out what I was doing, and started getting results. I applied what I was learning, and leads started trickling in through my website. I got better at sales (which I still don’t particularly enjoy…), and one day I sort of “woke up” and realized I was actually making it as a freelancer.

With that said, my biggest achievements over the years have been my clients’ success stories. Hearing how their website transformed their business, how they’ve had to hire new employees to handle all of the additional work, or move to a bigger facility to meet demand. That was the turning point where I realized I wasn’t just a web designer, but a trusted advisor with a responsibility to show my clients the opportunities in front of them. I’ve seen first-hand the transformational power of an effective website, and it’s my mission to help as many clients as I physically can while I’m still able.

Looking back 8 years later, I think getting fired was the best thing that ever happened to me. It forced me to take a huge leap of faith, and to this day I work very hard on behalf of my clients because I’ve been in their shoes.

I’ve proud of the business that I’ve built, and I’m proud of the results I’ve achieved for my clients. How about I help YOU next?

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