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another-profile-picHey there – I’m Chris Fletcher, the guy behind this Studio 625 thing.

I could try to impress you with some slick profile of my education (B.S. in Digital Media) and experience (8 years and still kicking!), but that stuff doesn’t really mean much.

What’s more important are the principles I stand for, and the foundation of the service I deliver. It really boils down to just three things:

1) I want your website to deliver real results

2) Being insanely responsive

I give out my personal cell phone number and direct email access to my clients, so they can call, email, or text me whenever they need something. You can even friend me on Facebook or LinkedIn if that’s your preferred medium. When you need something, I will usually take care of it within one business day at the latest. Most of my clients can tell you stories about how I’ve fixed/changed/updated something less than 2 minutes after they asked for my help. Bigger projects take longer (duh), but once you’re on my client list you can expect unparalleled service.

If you’ve ever dealt with other web design companies, then you’ve probably experienced the frustration of unresponsiveness firsthand, and that’s something I work hard to prevent in my business. That also means that I keep my client list pretty lean so I don’t spread myself too thin.

3) Challenging you and keeping you up to date

A lot of web designers will just take orders and do what you ask, but that ain’t my style. I try to play a different role, by listening to your ideas but also advising you, challenging you, and hopefully bringing a fresh perspective on how to reach your goals.

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